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dxd::iostream Class Reference

#include <dxd_audio.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool initWithAudioEngine (::IOAudioEngine *engine,::IOAudioStreamDirection direction, unsigned int channel_id, const char *description=0,::OSDictionary *properties=0)

Public Attributes

os_event data
 data available event More...
os_event gap
 space available event More...
 define the I/O class for shared memory More...
unsigned int line_size

Protected Member Functions

void stop (::IOService *provider)

Member Function Documentation

bool dxd::iostream::initWithAudioEngine ( ::IOAudioEngine *  engine,
::IOAudioStreamDirection  direction,
unsigned int  channel_id,
const char *  description = 0,
::OSDictionary *  properties = 0 

sets the format specification for the IOAudioStream

check if every physical USB bit resolution leads to own CoreAudio IOAudioStreamFormat

add sample rates to format spec

select current format

computes buffer size metrics

open device stream

move into performFormatChange

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void dxd::iostream::stop ( ::IOService *  provider)

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Member Data Documentation

data available event

dxd::device* dxd::iostream::device

space available event

define the I/O class for shared memory

unsigned int dxd::iostream::line_size

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