dxd - dynax driver framework 2.1.0d71
cross platform open source driver development framework
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dxd::ppc Member List

This is the complete list of members for dxd::ppc, including all inherited members.

conclude() overridedxd::pciinlineprotectedvirtual
each_child(exec_arg_t exec_arg, exec_t exec)dxd::deviceinline
each_client(exec_arg_t exec_arg, exec_t exec)dxd::deviceinline
eumb enum namedxd::ppc
eumb(eumb offset)dxd::ppcinline
fill32(unsigned int pattern, unsigned int inbound, size_t size32)dxd::ppcinline
i2o enum namedxd::ppc
i2o(const unsigned int *msg, size_t size)dxd::ppcinline
idbr enum valuedxd::ppc
ifpqr enum valuedxd::ppc
ioctl(unsigned int ioctl, const void *in, size_t size_in, void *out, size_t size_out, size_t &size)dxd::deviceinlinevirtual
ioctl(unsigned int ioctl, const tx_t &tx, rx_t &rx)dxd::deviceinline
isr_odi(unsigned int dbr)dxd::ppcinlineprotectedvirtual
isr_opqi(unsigned int fpqr)dxd::ppcinlineprotectedvirtual
itwr enum valuedxd::ppc
launch() overridedxd::ppcinlineprotectedvirtual
odbr enum valuedxd::ppc
odi enum valuedxd::ppc
ofpqr enum valuedxd::ppc
om0i enum valuedxd::ppc
om1i enum valuedxd::ppc
omimr enum valuedxd::ppc
omisr enum valuedxd::ppc
operator::IOPCIDevice *() constdxd::pciinline
opqi enum valuedxd::ppc
property(const char *key, type_t &value) constdxd::deviceinline
query(const char *key, type_t &value)dxd::device
query(const char *key, unsigned int &value)dxd::device
read32(unsigned int *dst, unsigned int inbound, size_t size32)dxd::ppcinline
read32(unsigned int inbound)dxd::ppcinline
set(const char *key, unsigned int value)dxd::deviceinline
write32(const unsigned int *src, unsigned int inbound, size_t size32)dxd::ppcinline
write32(unsigned int src, unsigned int inbound)dxd::ppcinline

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