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cross platform open source driver development framework
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dxd_base.cpp File Reference
#include "dxd_base.h"
#include "dxd_log.h"
#include "dxd_string.h"
#include <stdarg.h>
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 dynax driver framework kernel namespace


#define maxlogwchar   ((ERROR_LOG_MAXIMUM_SIZE-sizeof(::IO_ERROR_LOG_PACKET)+sizeof(unsigned long))/sizeof(wchar_t)-1)
 Windows event logging. More...
#define try(test)


void dxd::errorlog (const char *fmt...)
void dxd::log (const char *fmt...)
 windows kernel logging More...
void dxd::warnlog (const char *fmt...)


::DRIVER_OBJECT * dxd::wdm_driver =nullptr
 Main driver entry. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define maxlogwchar   ((ERROR_LOG_MAXIMUM_SIZE-sizeof(::IO_ERROR_LOG_PACKET)+sizeof(unsigned long))/sizeof(wchar_t)-1)

Windows event logging.

#define try (   test)
::NTSTATUS at_dynax_dxd_status=(test);\
if NT_ERROR(at_dynax_dxd_status){\
goto catch;}}
if(!this->started &&exception.error==aborted) return

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