dxd - dynax driver framework
cross platform open source driver development framework
iokit/dxd_base.h File Reference
#include "dxd.h"
#include <IOKit/IOLib.h>
#include <IOKit/IOService.h>
#include <Availability.h>
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union  dxd::fourchar_string
class  dxd::open< object_t, service_t >


 dynax driver framework kernel namespace
 kernel IOCTLs


#define sync()   {}


enum  {
  dxd::ok =kIOReturnSuccess , dxd::not_implemented =kIOReturnUnsupported , dxd::invalid =kIOReturnBadArgument , dxd::device_error =kIOReturnDeviceError ,
  dxd::no_resources =kIOReturnNoResources , dxd::not_initialized =kIOReturnNotReady , dxd::timeout =kIOReturnTimeout , dxd::invalid_size =kIOReturnNoSpace ,
  dxd::aborted =kIOReturnAborted , dxd::exclusive =kIOReturnExclusiveAccess , dxd::device_removed =kIOReturnNotAttached , dxd::closed =kIOReturnNotOpen ,
  dxd::not_permitted =kIOReturnNotPermitted , dxd::internal_error =kIOReturnInternalError


typedef::IOLock * dxd::os_event
 platform abstract type os_event for IOKit driver More...
typedef::IOReturn dxd::os_result
 defining platform abstract type os_result for IOKit driver More...

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◆ sync

#define sync ( )    {}

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