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osx/dx_types.h File Reference
#include <IOKit/IOKitLib.h>
#include <mach/mach.h>
#include <libkern/OSReturn.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <atomic>
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struct  dx::iobridge< type_t >
 ioctl bridge for 32/64bit user mode/kernel space big/little endian interface More...


 dynax driver framework user mode interface namespace
 IOCTLs namespace.
 stream IOCTLs namespace
 stream::clock domain IOCTLs namespace
 USB IOCTLs namespace.


#define dx_enum_prefix   enum
 mock compiler idiosyncrasies More...
#define dx_packed   __attribute__((__packed__))
#define dx_packed_begin
#define dx_packed_end


typedef void * dx::os_handle


enum  dx::_os_result {
  dx::ok =kIOReturnSuccess, dx::not_initialized =kIOReturnNotReady, dx::not_implemented =kIOReturnUnsupported, dx::invalid =kIOReturnBadArgument,
  dx::no_device =kIOReturnNoDevice, dx::device_error =kIOReturnDeviceError, dx::no_resources =kIOReturnNoResources, dx::invalid_data =kIOReturnNoSpace,
  dx::version_mismatch =err_system(0x37)|err_sub(2)|0x14, dx::unknown =kIOReturnInvalid, dx::overflow =kIOReturnOverrun, dx::driver_not_installed =kOSMetaClassNoKext,
  dx::internal_error =kIOReturnInternalError, dx::not_permitted =kIOReturnNotPermitted, dx::exclusive =kIOReturnExclusiveAccess, dx::aborted =kIOReturnAborted
enum  dx::ioctl::ioctl { dx::ioctl::version = 'dver', dx::ioctl::version = 'dver' }
 DX IOCTLs convetion char namespace indentifier: lower case user mode: upper case kernel. More...
enum  dx::ioctl::stream::ioctl {
  dx::ioctl::stream::enumerate = 'enum', dx::ioctl::stream::open = 'open', dx::ioctl::stream::close = 'clos', dx::ioctl::stream::start = 'strt',
  dx::ioctl::stream::stop = 'stop', dx::ioctl::stream::signal = 'sgnl', dx::ioctl::stream::puid = 'puid', dx::ioctl::stream::channel = 'chnl',
  dx::ioctl::stream::tx = 'sftx', dx::ioctl::stream::rx = 'sfrx', dx::ioctl::stream::enumerate = 'enum', dx::ioctl::stream::open = 'open',
  dx::ioctl::stream::close = 'clos', dx::ioctl::stream::start = 'strt', dx::ioctl::stream::stop = 'stop', dx::ioctl::stream::signal = 'sgnl',
  dx::ioctl::stream::puid = 'puid', dx::ioctl::stream::channel = 'chnl', dx::ioctl::stream::position = DX_IOCTL('s',8), dx::ioctl::stream::rx = 'sfrx',
  dx::ioctl::stream::tx = 'sftx'
enum  dx::ioctl::stream::clock::ioctl {
  dx::ioctl::stream::clock::start = 'clk+', dx::ioctl::stream::clock::stop = 'clk-', dx::ioctl::stream::clock::samplerate = 'clk|', dx::ioctl::stream::clock::iosize = 'clk*',
  dx::ioctl::stream::clock::monitor = 'cmon', dx::ioctl::stream::clock::start = 'clk+', dx::ioctl::stream::clock::stop = 'clk-', dx::ioctl::stream::clock::samplerate = 'clk|',
  dx::ioctl::stream::clock::iosize = 'clk*', dx::ioctl::stream::clock::monitor = 'cmon'
enum  dx::ioctl::usb::ioctl {
  dx::ioctl::usb::request = 'durq', dx::ioctl::usb::descriptor = 'dudc', dx::ioctl::usb::string = 'dust', dx::ioctl::usb::configuration = 'ducf',
  dx::ioctl::usb::clear = 'ducr', dx::ioctl::usb::request = 'durq', dx::ioctl::usb::descriptor = 'dudc', dx::ioctl::usb::string = 'dust',
  dx::ioctl::usb::configuration = 'ducf', dx::ioctl::usb::clear = 'ducr'
enum  dx::scope { dx::kernel, dx::user, dx::kernel, dx::user }
 template parameter defining origin of kernel object or destination of mapping More...


class dx::__attribute__ ((__packed__)) uint24


typedef::mach_error_t dx::os_result

Macro Definition Documentation

#define dx_enum_prefix   enum

mock compiler idiosyncrasies

#define dx_packed   __attribute__((__packed__))
#define dx_packed_begin
#define dx_packed_end

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