dxd - dynax driver framework 2.1.0d71
cross platform open source driver development framework
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dxd_memory.h File Reference
#include "dxd_base.h"
#include <wdf.h>
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class  dxd::buffer< scope_t, limit_t, alignment_t, contigous_t >
 kernel memory buffer w/o alignment and boundary requirements More...
class  dxd::map< dx::kernel, vm_t >
 WDK: kernel space memory mapping. More...
class  dxd::map< dx::user, vm_t >
 WDK: user space memory mapping. More...
class  dxd::memory< scope_t >
 virtual kernel memory description More...


namespace  dxd
 dynax driver framework kernel namespace


bool dxd::below32 (::MDL *mdl)
 indicates whether memory is mapped above 4GB boundary

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