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dx_mach.h File Reference
#include <CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h>
#include <IOKit/IOCFPlugin.h>
#include <dx_exception.h>
#include <thread>
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class  dx::cf::dictionary< exception_t, type_t >
class  dx::cf::interface< interface_t, exception_t >
class  dx::cf::interface<::IOCFPlugInInterface, exception_t >
class  dx::cf::number< type_t, spec_t, exception_t >
class  dx::cf::opaque< exception_t >
class  dx::cf::plist< exception_t >
class  dx::cf::reference< cftype_t >
class  dx::cf::runloop< exception_t >
class  dx::cf::string< type_t, exception_t >
 RAII CFString class. More...
singleton  dx::cf::type< type_t, exception_t >
class  dx::cf::type< char *, exception_t >
class  dx::cf::type< const char *, exception_t >
class  dx::cf::type< double, exception_t >
class  dx::cf::type< float, exception_t >
class  dx::cf::type< int, exception_t >


 dynax driver framework user mode interface namespace
 corefoundation namespace


template<typename exception_t = os_result>
std::string dx::version (const std::string &package) throw (exception_t)
 installation package version More...

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