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dx::usb Namespace Reference

USB user mode interface namespace. More...


 USB user mode streaming interface namespace.


struct  __endpoint
struct  __interface
struct  __request_type
 standard USB control request definitions More...
struct  _endpoint
struct  _interface
struct  audio
 generic USB audio 1.0 More...
struct  bulk
struct  control
union  descriptor
class  device
struct  endpoint
 USB endpoint selector. More...
class  interface
struct  isoc
struct  midi
 USB MIDI packetizer. More...
class  pipe
struct  request
struct  request< data_t >


enum  language : unsigned short { standard = english }

Detailed Description

USB user mode interface namespace.

generic USB user mode interface namespace

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ language

enum dx::usb::language : unsigned short

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