dxd - dynax driver framework
cross platform open source driver development framework
dx_usb.h File Reference
#include "dx_stream.h"
#include <sstream>
#include <iomanip>
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struct  dx::usb::__request_type
 standard USB control request definitions More...
struct  dx::usb::control
union  dx::usb::descriptor
struct  dx::usb::descriptor::type
struct  dx::usb::endpoint
 USB endpoint selector. More...
union  dx::usb::endpoint::stream
struct  dx::usb::endpoint::stream::bulk
struct  dx::usb::endpoint::stream::isoc
union  dx::usb::isoc::frame
struct  dx::usb::request< data_t, typename >


 dynax driver framework user mode interface namespace
 USB user mode interface namespace.


enum  { dx::usb::isoc::max_micro_frames = 8 , dx::usb::isoc::ticks_per_sec = 1000 }
enum  dx::usb::language : unsigned short { dx::usb::standard = english }

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