dxd - dynax driver framework 2.1.0d71
cross platform open source driver development framework
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NdxDynax driver framework user mode interface namespace
 NcfCorefoundation namespace
 NcoreaudioCoreaudio - dynax coreaudio namespace
 NcoremidiCoremidi - dynax coremidi interface namespace
 NioIo - IOKit namespace
 NredirectRedirect std IO
 NstreamGeneric stream interface
 NusbUSB user mode interface namespace
 CcircularKernel/user space shared circular buffer
 CdeviceGeneric device interface class
 Cevent< dx::kernel >
 Cevent< kernel >Kernel triggerable user space event
 Cevent< user >
 CiobridgeIoctl bridge for 32/64bit user mode/kernel space big/little endian interface
 ClaunchRAII object launcher
 CopenRAII manage balanced object open/(close)
 Cos_eventKernel/user space shared event representation
 CpciPhysical PCI stream descriptor
 CregistryWindows registry access
 CserialSerial interface
 NdxdDynax driver framework kernel namespace
 NdmusDmus namespace
 NportclsPortcls namespace
 NrangeRange namespace
 NwavecyclicWavecyclic namespace
 NwdmWDM++ - windows helper classes
 C__atomic_pointerAtomic pointer operations
 C__atomic_pointer< type_t * >
 C__atomic_scalar< 4, type_t >32bit atomic operations
 CadapterAdapter driver skeleton
 Cadjust< host >
 Cadjust< swap >
 CatomicAtomic operations
 Catomic< type_t * >Explicitely specify pointer template argument:
 CbroadcastBroadcast signalization of participating linked event items
 CbufferKernel memory buffer w/o alignment and boundary requirements
 CbusWDM BUS class
 CeventIOKit user client
 Cevent< dx::kernel >
 Cevent< dx::user >Kernel representation of shared user space event
 CfwWDK: FireWire device
 CmapWDK memory mapping
 Cmap< dx::kernel, vm_t >WDK: kernel space memory mapping
 Cmap< dx::user, vm_t >WDK: user space memory mapping
 CmemoryVirtual kernel memory description
 CportMiniport creation helper
 CppcPPC device
 CprocessIOKit process thread
 CreferenceReference holder for object based reference counter
 CreferencedReference counting base class
 Cscoped<::URB >
 CspinlockWDK spinlock
 CstreamGeneric kernel stream
 Cusb_stream_clientGeneric USB user client class
 Cusb_stream_deviceGeneric USB device

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