dxd - dynax driver framework  1990
cross platform open source driver development framework
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NdxDynax driver framework user mode interface namespace
 NaudioAudio - dynax midi interface namespace
 NcfCorefoundation namespace
 NioIo - IOKit namespace
 NioctlIOCTLs namespace
 NmidiMidi - dynax midi interface namespace
 NstreamGeneric stream interface
 NusbUSB user mode interface namespace
 CcircularKernel/user space shared circular buffer
 CdeviceGeneric device interface class
 CdriverGeneric driver interface class
 CeventKernel triggerable user space event
 CexceptionGeneric exception helper class
 CiobridgeIoctl bridge for 32/64bit user mode/kernel space big/little endian interface
 ClaunchRAII object launcher
 Cos_eventKernel/user space shared event representation
 CpciPhysical PCI stream descriptor
 CredirectRedirect stdout to syslog
 CserialSerial interface
 NdxdDynax driver framework kernel namespace
 NatomicAtomic operations
 NaudioAudio namespace
 NgenericGeneric namespace
 NioctlKernel IOCTLs
 NmidiMIDI namespace
 NwdmWDM++ - windows helper classes
 CadapterAdapter driver skeleton
 Cadjust< host >
 Cadjust< swap >
 CbufferKernel memory buffer w/o alignment and boundary requirements
 Cbuffer< scope_t, 64, 0 >
 CbusWDM BUS class
 Cdevice_descDevice description for bus class
 CeventKernel event
 Cevent< kernel >
 Cevent< user >Kernel representation of user space event
 CfwWDK: FireWire device
 CmapMemory mapping into kernel space
 Cmap< kernel, vm_t >WDK: kernel space memory mapping
 Cmap< user, vm_t >Memory mapping into user space
 CmemoryVirtual kernel memory description
 CpciPCI device
 CportMiniport creation helper
 CppcPPC device
 CprocessIOKit process thread
 CreferenceReference holder for object based reference counter
 CreferencedReference counting base class
 CspinlockWDK spinlock
 Cusb_streamGeneric USB device
 Cusb_stream_clientGeneric USB user client class

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