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cross platform open source driver development framework
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device (dx::coreaudio)   iobridge (dx)   open (dxd)   stream (dx::coreaudio)   
device (dx)   iosize (dx::stream)   stream::opened (dxd)   stream (dx::midi)   
__scalar (dx)   driver (dx)   interface (dx::usb)   
serial (dx)   
__request_type (dx::usb)   device (dx::midi)   isoc (dx::usb)   desc::stream (dx::stream)   
__atomic_pointer (dxd)   pci::dma (dx)   item (dxd::doubly::linked)   plist (dx::cf)   start (dx::stream)   
__atomic_pointer< type_t * > (dxd)   desc (dx::stream)   iostream (dxd)   preference (dx::cf)   stream (dxd::dmus)   
__atomic_scalar (dxd)   device (dx::stream)   item (dxd::linked)   pin (dx::coreaudio)   stream (dxd::multichannel)   
__atomic_scalar< 4, type_t > (dxd)   device (dx::test)   stream::in (dxd::multichannel)   plugin (dx::coreaudio)   pci::scatter_gather (dxd)   
driver (dx::test)   usb_device::pipe::isoc_frame (dxd)   port (dx::io)   stream (dxd::portcls)   
device (dx::test::usb)   irp (dxd::wdm)   pin (dx::midi)   scoped (dxd)   
audio (dx::usb)   device (dx::test::usb::kernel)   
plugin (dx::midi)   scoped<::URB > (dxd)   
adapter (dxd)   descriptor (dx::usb)   pci (dx)   spinlock (dxd)   
adjust (dxd)   device (dx::usb)   launch (dx)   desc::stream::pin (dx::stream)   stream (dxd)   
adjust< host > (dxd)   device (dx::usb::stream)   driver::loopback (dx::test)   desc::stream::pin::properties (dx::stream)   usb_stream::stream (dxd)   
adjust< swap > (dxd)   bus::desc (dxd)   list (dxd::doubly::linked)   desc::stream::pin::property_pair (dx::stream)   stream (dxd::wavecyclic)   
array (dxd)   device (dxd)   link (dxd::linked)   pin (dx::stream)   
atomic (dxd)   
list (dxd::linked)   pipe (dx::usb)   
atomic< type_t * > (dxd)   lock (dxd)   pin (dx::usb::stream)   type (dx::cf)   
audio (dxd)   error (dx::cf)   
fw::phy (dxd)   type< char *, exception_t > (dx::cf)   
fw::address (dxd)   event (dx)   pci (dxd)   type< const char *, exception_t > (dx::cf)   
adapter (dxd::portcls)   event< dx::kernel, exception_t > (dx)   clock::monitor (dx::stream)   port (dxd)   type< double, exception_t > (dx::cf)   
audio (dxd::range)   event< dx::user, exception_t > (dx)   midi (dx::usb)   pin (dxd::portcls)   type< float, exception_t > (dx::cf)   
exception (dx)   midi::msg (dx::usb)   ppc (dxd)   type< int, exception_t > (dx::cf)   
engine (dx::stream)   miniport (dxd::dmus)   process (dxd)   
bulk (dx::usb)   endpoint (dx::usb)   map (dxd)   usb_device::pipe (dxd)   
broadcast (dxd)   event (dxd::doubly::linked)   map< dx::kernel, vm_t > (dxd)   
url (dx::cf)   
buffer (dxd)   engine (dxd)   map< dx::user, vm_t > (dxd)   stream::umap (dxd::multichannel)   
bus (dxd)   event (dxd)   memory (dxd)   reference (dx::cf)   stream::umap (dxd)   
event< dx::kernel > (dxd)   stream::clock::monitor (dxd::multichannel)   runloop (dx::cf)   usb_device (dxd)   
event< dx::user > (dxd)   mutex (dxd)   reference (dx::io)   usb_stream (dxd)   
circular (dx)   event (dxd::linked)   pci::resources::memory (dxd)   registry (dx::io)   usb_stream_client (dxd)   
clock (dx)   
miniport (dxd::portcls)   redirect (dx)   unicode (dxd::wdm)   
device::creator (dx)   miniport (dxd::wavecyclic)   registry (dx)   
control (dx::stream::channel)   fourchar_string (dxd)   
device::request (dx::usb)   
clock (dx::stream)   fw (dxd)   request (dx::usb)   void_struct (dx::stream)   
clock_value (dx::stream)   file (dxd::wdm)   number (dx::cf)   pin::isoc::request (dx::usb::stream)   
desc::stream::config (dx::stream)   
pin::schedule::request (dx::usb::stream)   
control (dx::usb)   pci::resources (dxd)   workitem (dxd::wdm)   
client (dxd)   guid (dx)   opaque (dx::cf)   port::reference (dxd)   wstring (dxd)   
stream::clock (dxd::multichannel)   guid (dxd)   open (dx)   reference (dxd)   
stream::umap::channel (dxd::multichannel)   
os_event (dx)   referenced (dxd)   
usb_stream::stream::isoc::cycle (dxd)   open (dx::stream::channel)   usb_stream::stream::bulk::request (dxd)   
interface (dx::cf)   opened (dx::stream::channel)   usb_stream::stream::isoc::request (dxd)   
interface<::IOCFPlugInInterface, exception_t > (dx::cf)   open (dx::stream)   registry (dxd::wdm)   
dictionary (dx::cf)   iterator (dx::io)   opened (dx::stream)   
string (dx::cf)   
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