dxd - dynax driver framework  1990
cross platform open source driver development framework
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Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NdxDynax driver framework user mode interface namespace
 NaudioAudio - dynax midi interface namespace
 NcfCorefoundation namespace
 NioIo - IOKit namespace
 NioctlIOCTLs namespace
 NstreamStream IOCTLs namespace
 NusbUSB IOCTLs namespace
 NmidiMidi - dynax midi interface namespace
 NstreamGeneric stream interface
 NusbUSB user mode interface namespace
 NdxdDynax driver framework kernel namespace
 NatomicAtomic operations
 NaudioAudio namespace
 NgenericGeneric namespace
 NaudioGeneric audio namespace
 NmidiMIDI namespace
 NioctlKernel IOCTLs
 NstreamKernel-only streaming IOCTLs
 NmidiMIDI namespace
 NwdmWDM++ - windows helper classes

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